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History and the Jeff Robinson Trio

The Jeff Robinsion Trio Poetry Jam



     THE JEFF ROBINSON TRIO POETRY JAM is a renowned American Venue. It is internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious poetry gigs in the county (There are far-far too few).

     The JR3 Poetry Jams is now dedcades into a life without any apparent end; the weekly 'Live Poetry & Jazz' venue events are living on. The JR3's Jam, has been  joined from day-one by the one and only dedicated bassist, beautiful being, and freind, Blake Newman. 

      C.C's. gratitude and love for the arrival of this previously non-existent weekly Jazz/Poetry venue and its contribution of to New Enganld poetry ... is happiness. Because people who are silinced need moreover a ever a poace to speak with nothing less than the art od words and languge set free itself.

     He is also happy to say that he, along with poet and founding editor of 'The Boston Poet' (yyyy-yyyy) Diana E Saenz were present at its conception. C.C. Arshagra states he was, "at the bar drinking a Guinness poured by God". It was at the tiny landmark, Irish Pub, on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge, Massachuettes. 'The Plough & Stars'.

     So, you could say, it was born in the back of an Irish pub. That's American. It then migrated for a 9 month birthing proces to the Middle East Resturaunt in Central Square before going home to The Lizard Lounge, a most perfect den for the feel and flow of this gift to the life of poetry, located divinely in the subterranean artists' cave below the Cambridge Commons Resturant. All located on what later became known to poets and poetry lovers throughout the northeast and beyond as "The Magic Miles".

     C.C., the poet, featured at the last show inside the Middle East Corner and then twice during the early years at the Lizard Lounge in its early years. 

     All C.C.'s shows with the Trio were inside its first nickle when Dwight Hart, the trio's original drummer who was a beautiful talent, set free in this spot behind his kit. He was nearly unsurpassable in this improvosational role as calm water and fire danced together. Dwight was later followed by the corageous spirit of play, listen, invention, and enjoy-your-dream-out-loud drummer, Jerome Dupree, who filled the hot spot for a much longer stretch.

     Its was during this time frame, before the venue attracted naional attention, that C.C. was last booked to feature here that Jeff announced the quote above, referring to the The Open Mike Poems, a 3 part chapbook series. That same show was also the book realease party for the final chapbook in the The Open Mike Poems. It was the book release event for "The Open Mike Poems,  Book 3: What Manner of Character".  This quote clearly ranks as one of the most beautiful lines of words I ever received. "It was very hard at first to let it sink into my heart and clear out some room for more humility in my mind; I am deeply humbled," C.C. sighs heavly. At The Boston Poetry Awards in 2001 that book received the honor of being named "Best Poetry Publication". In addition to this, C.C. was nominated Massachusetts Poet of the Year via a state-wide open public ballot process throughout the Open Mike venues. To date, the out-of-print series (including Chapbook 1 & 2, which both had a 2nd printing run) has been waiting on third base for over 15 years to be released as one book titled 'The Open Microphone Poems.' It will bare the original cover art of C.C.'s hand-drawn, bambo pen and ink artwork from the chapbook series book covers.

     The last gig was a long time ago after the venue hit its first stride and started drawing poets from far and wide. Although C.C. has moved (a real lot) and bounced around to the Northwest and then over the pond into Europe for a spell, then back to CT where he lives now. He has since returned to visit and kick a piece here and there over the decades passing. And still with Jeff, like  a long lost childhood friend from the simpler days of play and laughter.

     Most recently, C.C. has returned to do a show at the on-going and possibly oldest weekly poetry reading in the United States, "Stone Soup Poets", founded by one of the founding fathers of American Open Mikes, Jack Powers. Here he was blessed to join up on stage again with the original JR3 bass player Blake Newman and heart-and-soul music-of-life man, Ken Field, whom C.C. did a stretch with when he had his band "The Board of Education" and owned The Middle East corner on Thursday nights for a long time. And that, my friends here reading this, is also truly one of the most gifted chapters of my free-sytle poetry and jam journey's story for another time. Working with JR3 marked a turning point, will be the adventurous tale of C.C. as poet for the "Zen Bastards", Mike Calliglione's genius avant-garde jazz group. For now, I still feel the heart of the Jeff Blake and the ages of life- artist on this creative journey

Last draft update sept. 10, 2016

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