"C.C. Arshagra is a Boston poet and songwriter,

one of the best in the nation."

-Jack Shea

“C.C. Arshagra is the real McCoy. He is the real deal.

He speaks his soul.”

-Brother Blue

"The hardest working man in poetry...

when it comes to the Open Mike,

C.C. wrote the bible."

-Jeff Robinson

"I have known C. C. Arshagra the better part of a generation

and have witnessed his poems -- his children -- grow and blossom in

skill, in kindness, in magnanimity. He is truly a romantic optimist

whose work should be known and read."

 -David "Doc" Cote

"I don't know anyone who has done more for the Open Mike than C.C. Arshagra."

-Jack Powers

"Finally, I met a writer, C.C. Arshagra, who passed around a photograph of a poem he'd written at a construction site the day after 9-11 (Boston). Composed on a 12-foot-high sheet of plywood, the poem, entitled "Love is Not Afraid," mystified those that encountered it who felt they could do nothing.

Well, Arshagra did something. He stood in as the perfect representative for all those writers who wrote poetry in the days that followed 9-11 (or who unearthed poems and shared them with others in an act that can only be described as collective mourning)."

-Tamara Sellman

“I can recommend C.C. Arshagra as an asset to any poetry/ artistic event...his new song/ poem The Jew Christian Muslim Song is catchy and timely for today’s world...”

-Mick Cusimano

“C.C. Arshagra has been the back bone of The Buddah & Barnum Poetry Circus since its inception”

-"The Buddah Man”

"We need to be as compassionate towards others and ourselves as Arshagra is toward those who approach the Open Mike."

-Richard Wilhelm

…a leading poet of his generation.

I especially admire his songs.”

-Bill Perrault

"I always rejoiced in life even more so whenever I heard C.C.'s poetic tones, intonations, poems, and stories ... a pretty easy going guy who seems to touch everyone everso wonderfully

with his rhymes and lines."

-Laetitia Aby

C.C. Arshagra

Quotes by Peers:

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The Jeff Robinsion Trio Poetry Jam



     THE JEFF ROBINSON TRIO POETRY JAM is a renowned American Venue. It is internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious poetry gigs in the county (There are far-far too few).

     The JR3 Poetry Jams is now dedcades into a life without any apparent end; the weekly 'Live Poetry & Jazz' venue events are living on. The JR3's Jam, has been  joined from day-one by the one and only dedicated bassist and bottom-of-the-world-you-call-hom, freind and being, Blake Newman. 

Brother Blue / Storyteller ----get link to URL

Who owns Jack Kerouac ~ A film by Jack Shea

The film contains an appearence by C.C. Arshagra reading an excerpt of his poem

Jan Kerouac -  In the Key of Listen  / the Portrait Poetry of C.C. Arshagra


The Open Microphone Poems



 My love and gratitude falls ever so humbled.    Thank you, CC

John Paul Perolli  |  the Buddah of the Barnham and Buddah Poetry Circus

Book review of 'The Open Mike Poems' chapbook series: 1. Scared Sacred 2. Death of an Ego and

3. What Manner of Chatacter by Richard Wilhelm. - Published by Ibbetson Street Press



Love Is Not Afraid | See PUBLIC ART in Original Art Gallery here


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