You have reached the heart

of C.C. Arshagra's life as an artist.

     The first thing you can do here is value my soul contribution to life, beyond the measuring compare or compete of yours, and to (please) do so, in complete sincerity, to the farthest reach and humility of your own personal extent.

     I have been given this journey and I acepted it. If I am sucessful in death I will have not lived at all for myself, but for all in the return if life as we understand it pricelessly.

     Please be here, with a profond understanding of what it means to give, recieve, earn, and die as no one above, or below any other life form. Please understand you receive being, as the giving is, you receive the very moment you do. The act is done. There is no debt to the soul of giving.

     My creative existence is constanctly paying the full price.


     It is not easy, or in my marrow's way, to ask for support. And this may be due to the lack of creativity within our current earthly systems of existence. Everyone is the artist of their life. We are all asked, by living itself, to navigate each our own soul lesson of existence.

     Our trials of success may just well equal our trial of all that may seem to be our failures in mind. Mind you the lessons of your own are here to heal the resolve of this 

     This little journey, at its creative core, is something I call can call 'The Manuscript Project' for now.

     In actuality it is the sum of all my creative endeavors, from one manuscript to another, from project to project series, and on throughout many genre categories. Some projects of social significance, and human cultural significance involving a specturm of creative mediums and media.  This is to find your will's call to manifest the creativity you most align with.

    So, as you go forth here, from an outside perspective, any logical person may critically see: overwhelm, complication, and a multitude of disconnect. A fact, perhaps, that on a momentary surface level, one may say that is a truth, but a sad one.

IT IS MOUNENTALY TRUE that ALL my project and endevors are in essence one.

    My Admitted angst: I have no desire to be further mocked for loving and for being love.I too value being able to come to your mind's heal, should you find your self crashing through the fall of your own. Then here in my art I ask you to fall true; loving again.

     The fact is, there is but one value to it all. And that value is time; in all its relitive forms of passage and expreience. There is no creative step here forth that is not connected the the whole of this individual's life walk.

     And so I have no one to blame for every choice I have ever made to remain a creative being. But the time has come. It in no long possible that I explain the trials of creative choices leading up to this stage of my age and existence. Not without it's love archived.

Project 1:

The Father Gander Project.

    Sould your interest remain here. The rabbit hole begins.  The journey is to explore ways in which you may be interested, not just supporting any one project over any other; no. The life of my remaining days alive will never be enough time to bring all to fruition as an individual artist.  So any support, or contrbution of energies, will be priceless. An hour of ones time may be a mountian to an other's money. In the end, both may be equal in soul value to all that cannot be measured by any possesion of math or logic, or be that which one cannot hug or be huged by you, or even cry with you into the arms of joy.

    OUT of RESPECT for your VISITING CHOICE you are encouraged to return to the home page now. If your choice here is not to learn of giving support or exploring a variety of ways to get involved in crowdsourcing projects, to be a fan , collector, or just an extraordinary one of us all through giving's gratitude and you would love to buy any of my art, books, or find some other original way to give and receive then SEEK OPTIONS HERE to explore more ways to do so. Eventually, I have links to see if there is interest in stuff like cards, t-shirts, and art on stuff things to live with and  wear on wherever. 

Thank you, CC

Copyright 2016 C.C. Arshagra



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Thank you,



     an introduction into my creative life to date and how THIS MAY BE MY PATH FORWARD. NOTE: How I exist, in practical terms by creative faith, genuine support, and the corageous belief in others. And...well ..., strange as this may sound ...this includes one of my creative dream-projects, to free money.



I do have a project that inevitably involves WORLKING ON A WAY TO RAISE a GENUINE INTEREST in

The End of Money as we know it

All according to a system based on child's play

And the end of war.

It is a fun one! 

Relax - if you have no idea what the hell that means, no problem.

Without you it will never happen, and it is just an


     "For the future of humanity" is not a joke, or something to mock. Art and death and love combine to be here. So as not to destroy our leave of life, because it and a criminal system cannot both survive. So, for us to remain human under the current systems of currency...? This criminal system is the foundation of what is currently enslaving our lives and selling the humanity of the earth's children; all.

     This path you are on right now is meant to take the sell out of Art, and remov the take and have of a possession to simply own, and  return it to an equilibrium of

Earn, Give, and Recieve.

I had a meeting last week, and the results of this are pending. Should certien agrements become manifest,

 then further infomation will follow in addition to a crowdsoursing project launch. Details: TBA

Project 2:

The Open Microphone Poems

The Publishing (now long out of print) of 'The Open Mike Poems chapbook series 1. Sacred Sacred'

2. 'Death of an Ego' and 3. 'What Manner of Character' AS A SINGLE VOLUE OF POETRY titled:

 The Open Microphone Poems ----further infomation will follow in addition to a crowdsoursing project launch.

Details: TBA

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  Another day ~cc

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